A Year to Myself follows the year-long journey to discovering and creating oneself, through 6 continents in search of answers, but the question itself is unknown.

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This How-To Guidebook will equip beginner bloggers with the essentials to create, manage and maintain a successful blog. 


The Solo Travel Guidebook is filled with ideas and inspiration, encouragement, tales from a year-long solo adventure, and tried and tested travel tips from 2+ years of solo travel.

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The World of Wanderlust Story traces the life and times of global travel blogger, Brooke Saward. This book tells the complete backstory of how Brooke turned her small town life into a career travelling the world.

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    […] World of Wanderlust is a blog that has accomplished the ‘American Dream’ as such in a very short period of time. Brooke Saward began her blogging career in 2012 and three years later you could almost call it a booming business. The blog has six contributors in total and each of these contributors brings something special to the table. WOW is an awesome and endless resource for traveling, living abroad, starting a blog, changing a lifestyle and just having a really good read. These girls sure know how to get me jumping out of my seat to the next best airport. Can’t get enough of WOW? Read a book by Brooke. Order one here. […]

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    […] hänen bloginsa sivuilta (pdfnä). Sittenmmin Brooke Saward on kirjoittanut bloggaamisen ohessa pari muutakin kirjaa, mutta näihin en ole ainakaan vielä viitsinyt […]

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    […] World of Wanderlust – I bought all of the books mainly for my daughter who is also blogging and about to take off on a solo journey, but I did read some of them as well. […]

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    […] has the personality, charm and humour of a full on hedonist. Be sure to check out her other books How to: Create A Successful Blog for the bloggers & The Solo Travel Guidebook for the solo travellers to be. And on September […]

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    […] raíz del blog y de su gran aventura mundial, Brooke ha publicado tres libros: una guía para los viajeros que quieran recorrer mundo solos; otro, cómo crear un blog con éxito […]

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