A weekend in Paris

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A weekend in Paris is every girl’s dream.

Croissants for breakfast, Macaroons for lunch, and French champagne under the Eiffel Tower in the evening is not only a stereotype, but a reality.

Paris Brooke 1

I arrived to Paris by TGV train from Burgundy in the early afternoon. After navigating the Paris Metro, I exited at George V station and crossed the street to my hotel located conveniently on the Champs Elysees, the Fouqet’s Barriere. This hotel is renowned for its reputation, consistently welcoming celebrities and discerning travellers from around the world on a daily basis. After checking in to my hotel and dropping my bags, I immediately took to the streets to enjoy the Spring sunshine and wander the streets of Paris without direction or intent. This is Paris, and it is undeniably best explored on foot, so a central location is not only desirable, it is a must.

  arc de triomphe paris

My fellow blogger friend from London, Miss Emma Bates, joined me in Paris for the weekend. Emma has contributed a couple of guest posts to World of Wanderlust and being that she is only a short 1.5 hour flight away, I was delighted to invite her over for the weekend to enjoy a girls’ weekend away in Paris.

We spent the early afternoon perusing the Parisian streets, getting lost, spotting the Eiffel tower from afar, and taste testing all of the wine and cheese we could consume. As day turned into evening, we made our way to the early evening show of Crazy Horse for a colourful night as we sipped our French champagne and marveled at art in one of it’s most physical forms.

paris louvre

The following day we awoke early, chowed down the buffet breakfast, and took to the streets again to explore Paris. With so much walking achieved in the first half of the day we were in need of a hearty lunch, so we stopped off at Le Cinq, the Four Seasons George V fine dining establishment that is well known for it’s cuisine and elegant décor.

Afterwards we made our way back out onto the streets of Paris to explore, as it seems one can never tire of Paris.

arc de triomphe

Our final day was enjoyed at leisure as we reluctantly checked out from our hotel and each made our way to the airport to our onward destinations. While Emma was returning home to London, I would be departing for my first visit to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, for a whirlwind three days in the city.

paris streets

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    Great post. I really enjoyed it!

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    Great post! Love your blog

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    When I traveled in New York, I had obviously done a lot of walking. But it was during the summer and the sandals I was wearing really did some damage on my shin and ankle during the trip after all that walking. What sort of shoes do you wear for your trips? I imagine you do a lot of walking but it doesn’t look like you wear sneakers a lot of the time. Are your feet just adjusted to that lifestyle?

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    Great piece! I agree, Paris is amazing. I’ve been a few times and always enjoy going back!