Visiting Gaya Island in Malaysia

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Throughout my travels in Malaysia I stopped at different points of interest for different reasons. First there was Kuala Lumpur, I city I have heard so fondly spoken of thanks to its’ friendly locals and incredible food scene. Oh, and the shopping is great! Then I visited Cameron Highlands to experience tea plantations and strawberry fields (and cater to my undying love for both of these). Now for my third stop in Malaysia I find myself on an exotic island that could quite literally be anywhere in the world thanks to its feeling of remoteness. Here’s how I spent my few days visiting Gaya Island in Malaysia (and a good little honeymoon idea for anyone searching for a spot off the grid!)

Gaya Island Resort Malaysia

Gaya Island Resort

The flight to Palau Gaya is around 2.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur, however the local airport does cater to some international flights nearby. Once here, I took a car for around ten minutes to Jesselton Point Jetty to catch a speedboat transfer to Gaya Island Resort, another property from the luxe collection of hotels throughout Malaysia owned by YTL Hotels. My arrival felt like a dream with the sun slowly setting in the background and I was beyond excited to spend a few days here unwinding, taking in all the activities on offer and exploring beyond the hotel.

Brooke Saward | Gaya Island

Although the hotel is well-appointed with a lap size swimming pool, 24 hour gym and a handful of restaurants, I mostly spent my time enjoying the outdoors and trying all the activities around the island and on the water. The beach is nice but the pollution in the waters is quite off putting, though it sadly seems to be the case elsewhere in Malaysia, too.

Brooke Saward | Gaya Island Gaya Island Malaysia Gaya Island Malaysia

The lush gardens around the resort were probably my favourite aspect of the hotel as it has a really strong nature focus and rooms are always nestled in between trees, some completely surrounded. I started my stay in an ocean view suite though after running in to a mouse (in my room) I requested a room change and traded out for a room with views of the mangroves – a lower class of room though equally beautiful if you ask me!

If you make your way to Gaya Island Resort I would strongly suggest catching the complimentary speedboat transfer to Tavajun Bay, the resort’s private beach which is much nicer, cleaner, and has an incredible Thai lady cooking up incredible food (my favourite food throughout the entire stay). I would also recommend the free kayaking tour through the mangrove trees as it is not only beautiful but also gives you a better insight into the conservation projects undertaken by staff at the resort!

Brooke Saward | World of Wanderlust

Thanks to YTL Hotels for inviting me to visit their resort in Gaya Island – my opinions are as always my own! 

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!

February 5, 2016





    April 28, 2016

    Living in this beautiful country Malaysia for so long, this is the 1st time heard Gaya Island! Lol!
    Thanks for introduce this paradise island. Welcome to Malaysia again!



    April 18, 2016

    It looks like a stunning place 🙂



    February 10, 2016

    Would be such an amazing place to just turn off from the world and enjoy the isolation. Looks like fun!


    rajasthan tour operators

    February 6, 2016

    Gaya is a wonderful place to spend holidays. I enjoyed this post, great journey.


    Lowest Room Rates

    February 6, 2016

    Just amazing



    February 6, 2016

    These pictures are amazing!!



    February 6, 2016

    You should visit mabul, sibuan and bohey dulang in Sabah to name a few. These places are so beautiful. 10 times more beautiful i’m sure.


    Gabi @ Books & Trips

    February 6, 2016

    Looks really beautiful! Although I’m sure that mouse in your room will make for a great story when going out for drinks with friends!


    Posh, Broke, & Bored

    February 6, 2016

    Gaya Island is great! I haven’t been in a while (last Chinese New Year in Borneo I went to Sapi Island instead for snorkelling, swimming, paragliding etc) but I’m heading to Borneo again next week – thanks for reminding me to check it out! x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored



    February 6, 2016

    Really beautiful pictures <3 Wish, I had gone there as well 🙂



    February 5, 2016

    Living so close to Malaysia I’ve always considered it a shame I’ve never found my way there and your post makes me want to go right now!



    Leonie Parker

    February 5, 2016

    My Dad is from Malaysia but i’ve yet to actually visit the contrary. Gaya looks amazing!! Will have to go here when I eventually visit.
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go



    February 5, 2016

    Thanks a lot Brooke for visiting my country.
    Me myself also should visit Gaya Island, thru you, I know this place is magnificient!



    February 5, 2016

    Thank you for enjoying my lovely country!


    Jenn Flo Taylor

    February 5, 2016

    Wow what a stunning place!! Heading to Malaysia in the upcoming months- might have to add the Gaya island to the list!!


    Amalia Fernand

    February 5, 2016

    Hi Brooke, are you going to Sabah at all? I just spent a year living in Borneo and have lots of great suggestions!



    February 5, 2016

    So friggin’ beautiful <3



    February 5, 2016

    This looks just beautiful! Definitely adding to my bucket list!

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