The Ultimate South African Safari: Checking In to Singita Boulders

Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST
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By way of safaris and particularly so when considering a journey through South Africa, the name Singita carries a lot of weight. Commonly regarded as the leading luxury safari operator in the country, Singita have built a name for themselves by providing an uber-luxe safari experience with added perks such as their own fly-in airstrip, all-inclusive rates with gastronomic three-course meals, an enviable wine list (and wine tasting nights!) and so much more.

Having previously travelled with Singita at nearby lodge Sweni and more recently in Tanzania, I was beyond excited to get back on board the land rover safari vehicle and relive my childhood dreams of exploring the South African wilderness! Here’s a deeper look at my most recent Singita visit and what can be expected upon checking in to Boulders Camp.

Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Checking In: Singita Boulders Lodge

As one of the most popular lodges in the collection, Singita Boulders is a unique South African experience, completely decked out in local materials and decor, but with a contemporary approach. For those preferring a more traditional (colonial) style of decor, check out Ebony lodge by Singita, located just next door.

Each of the suites at Boulders features its’ own private plunge pool and guests have the option to face the riverfront or a bush suite, which I preferred for the exceptional wildlife viewing on display right from the comfort of my pool lounger!

To say the rooms are oversized would be a significant understatement, as each room features a vast open-plan living space, oversized bathroom, tub, shower, outdoor shower… the list is endless!

Mini bars are stocked with light snacks, alcoholic beverages and a nespresso machine, though with your butler just a phone call away, its hard to imagine how one could go hungry (or thirsty) in a setup like this!

Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Singita’s Gastronomic Approach to Food & Wine

Of all the safari lodges I have visited throughout Africa I have noticed Singita’s strongest advantage is their commitment to exceptional gastronmic meals and pairing said experience with fantastic South African wines.

Breakfast can be enjoyed in the comfort of your room or inside the main restaurant at the lodge, where a cold buffet is served alongside an a la carte menu for hot food items. Lunch is then served during the day on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the river with exceptional views of wildlife down below.

Dinner is indeed the highlight of meals for the day, with a broad range of choices on offer for a three-course a la carte meal, complimented with matching wines. During your stay be sure to ask if there will be a wine tasting before dinner on one of the evenings, as this is a great chance to build your knowledge and repertoire for local South African wines.

Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST


Sabi Sand Game Reserve & Wildlife Viewing

Choosing to embark on a safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is almost a guaranteed ticket to a Big 5 sighting and can easily occur on day one in the bush. There are plenty of wildlife to discover in Sabi Sand – including all the cats, elephants, giraffe, zebras, and rhino. I was really pleased to hear how dedicated Singita are to wildlife conservation and rhino protection, with a large operation taking place to prevent and poaching occuring on the property (successfully, also!)

Singita Boulders Lodge | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Which Singita Should You Visit?

If a South African safari sounds like your kinda style of safari, be sure to check out the various lodges on offer to see which lodge best suits your travel style.

I would suggest Boulders for a first time safari goer; Ebony for a more colonial interior decor style; Sweni for a tree-house vibe; and Lebombo for modern contemporary vibes and a beautiful pool area.


When to visit: There’s no bad time to go on safari, however a visit during winter is preferable, running from April through September. My personal preference is to go on the fringe of winter (shoulder season) to beat the crowds. February and March are great months for the latter.

 How to get there: From Johannesburg, book a Federal Air Flight directly to the Singita airstrip. These are small commercially operated planes and the flight time is approximately one hour.

Price: Approximately $2,500 AUD per person, per night (25750 South African Rand)



A huge thanks to Singita for welcoming me back to experience Boulders Lodge in South Africa! All opinions and photos are my own.

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