Tunnel of Love Ukraine

Love Tunnel Ukraine

Its discoveries like these that make you consider alternative destinations you may not have previously considered visiting. Whilst I have already visited Ukraine a few years ago to discover Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, I have unfortunately not made it beyond the city skyscrapers and men in business suits to discover the real Ukraine.

Tunnel of Love Ukraine

Hidden deep in the Ukraine forest lies this fantasy-like tribute to nature, The Tunnel of Love. The tunnel is located near the town of Kleven and measures to be 1.8 miles long. To this day, the tunnel is used as a rail route for Eastern Europe, yet it is equally popular for lovers to visit and ask that certain question that is accompanied by a glittering diamond ring.

Legend has it that if lovers come to the tunnel to make a wish AND if they are sincerely in love, then that wish will come true. 

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(Image Source: Oleg Gordienko)

tunnel of love ukraine (Image Source: Amos Chapple / Rex Features)

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