Where to find the best pizza in London

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A little rule I’ve set myself in London is to avoid eating at chain restaurants unless it’s completely necessary. This is because there are so many incredible restaurants throughout the city that it would almost be a shame to resort to somewhere you can eat at anywhere in the country or the world! If the restaurant has a few branches in the city then that is acceptable to my little rule but anything otherwise I will seek out an independent restaurant in the area instead, naturally this rule definitely applies whenever I’m trying to find a place to satisfy a pizza craving, of which I have many. Whilst pizza isn’t what London is necessarily renowned for that certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t serve up a pretty fantastic selection. If you’re just as big a fan of a slice of delicious crispy pizza as I am, then here’s a list where to find the best pizza in London to help you on your way.



1. Princi

Located in Soho these guys know how to make a fantastic pizza. There’s a cafe and restaurant located at the Wardour Street branch, both offering delicious food. You can’t book but the waiting list usually moves fairly swiftly and it’s definitely a pizza worth waiting around for. Be sure to order their freshly sliced prosciutto on your pizza, you will not be disappointed.



2. Pizza Pilgrims 

These guys started out selling pizza out of their street food van, a few years later and they have two permanent restaurants – one in Soho and one off of Carnaby Street. They have a huge stone oven to bake your pizzas in till they’re deliciously crispy and the mozzarella is bubbling away. Pizza pilgrims pizza may just be my favourite in London. Not only are their savoury pizzas delicious but their chocolate pizza rings are something else, they’re a must try. If you manage to consume one all to yourself I’ll be very impressed. They’re a pizza dough ring stuffed with nutella, ricotta and a little sea salt. So, damn, good!



3. Pizza East 

You’ll find Pizza East in Notting Hill, Shoreditch and Kentish Town They have a delicious selection of pizzas for you to choose from. A must for your visit is asking for burrata on the top, they add it to any pizza of your choice if you ask and it is incredible. As well as delicious, crispy and fresh pizzas there’s always an awesome atmosphere. You can book here and it’s definitely worth calling ahead because they’re always buzzing! Especially at the Shoreditch branch. Fun atmosphere and great pizza, what more could you want?



4. Story Deli 

Story Deli definitely has some of the best pizza in Shoreditch, testament to this is the business of the restaurant. You can’t book here either because it’s hipster like that but their pizza’s really are amazing. Thin and crispy crusts with a magnitude of alternative and delicious toppings. Story is a little bit on the pricey side for a pizza but if you’re a pizza lover it’s definitely worth the money for the quality of food you’ll be getting.



5. Franco Manca

Franco Manca became well known for their use of Sourdough pizza bases. Not only are the bases delicious but they have an original and yummy selection of toppings too! These guys have done exceptionally well and have gradually been spreading their sourdough-deliciousness to all corners of London so you have no excuses but to seek one of them out! They source ingredients as locally as possible and from artisans which makes the food just that little bit better. Definitely worth trying if you’re in search of a really great slice of pizza!



6. Homeslice Pizza

Much like Pizza Pilgrims, Homeslice also started small. They used to serve up their awesome pizzas in the courtyard of an East London brewery however due to popularity they now have a permanent residence in the heart of Covent Garden in Neal’s Yard. They cook up 20 inch pizzas which are served either whole or by the slice meaning you can both sit in or maybe grab yourself a slice on your lunch break! Again, like many restaurants in London, you can’t book, it’s first come, first served, so arrive early if you’re going in the evening. It usually moves pretty fast though and you can go for a drink while you’re waiting for your call informing you your table is awaiting!



7. Santore 

Santore is the hugely popular pizza restaurant located in Farringdon’s Exmouth Market. Always buzzing, whether it be from city workers at lunchtime or locals in the evening, the atmosphere is always fun and the pizza even better. You’ll be dining on dark wooden furniture in a cozy atmosphere and feasting on their incredible menu. Whilst this post is about pizza, which they do exceptionally, their pasta dishes are also delicious. Be sure to try the buffalo mozzarella topped pizza, it’s divine!



8. Santa Maria 

Located a little further out of central London, Santa Maria is found in Ealing. You may be thinking you can’t be bothered to get on a tube to go that far for pizza, but let me assure you the extra minutes in the tube are worth the level of pizza satisfaction that will result. They serve traditional Neapolitan pizza and they do a damn good job of it too, there’s certainly good reason it’s been voted as one of the best pizzas in London by numerous websites and magazines! All pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven and you definitely need to try their Santa Caterina when you get there, you’re welcome!



9. Saporitalia 

A little Ladbroke Grove treasure is found at Saporitalia, set up by two Italian brothers who are seeking to bring new dishes to London from their hometown. Like many of these pizza restaurants, their dishes are Neapolitan inspired (from the Naples region in Italy) and their pizzas are exquisite. The interior is very cute and in the evening’s bustling with hungry pizza-seekers. All of their produce is fresh and well sourced and you must order Pomodorini rucola e crudo, a personal favourite of mine!



10. Amici Miei 

Amici Miei is in the heart of Shoreditch and a family run restaurant. The atmosphere is  buzzing with Italians and London folk alike. You’ll be dining by candlelight from wooden tables, the service is quick and the pizza is even more delicious. If you’re a fan of Calzone then they do a cracking one here, alternatively take a look at the numerous other choices, there’s definitely something for everyone! If you’re not feeling like pizza then their homemade pasta is quite incredible.


WOW Contributor

Story by World of Wanderlust contributor Emma Bates.



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