The 5 Best Cafes in Lyon

The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST
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The city of Lyon will hit the spot when it comes to coffee and cafe culture. With an unusual trend of mouth-watering carrot cake featuring heavily on the menu, there’s a great brew to be found on the small unassuming streets of Lyon, but you’ll need to know where to go if you want the best of Lyon’s cafe scene!

The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Slake Coffee House

If you just want straight up good coffee (of an Aussie standard), then look no further than Slake! The exterior is quite unassuming so you’ll need to know where you’re going to discover it, but you’ll be so glad when you do! The carrot cake is out-of-this-world if you can get your hands on a piece (its a house specialty!)

The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Puzzle Cafe

Another top spot for coffee standards is just around the corner from Slake – Puzzle Cafe. Here you’ll find some of the best coffee quality and a really relaxed cafe vibe to join the locals by pulling out the laptop and switching your headphones on.

The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Les Cafetiers

If you were to ask a Lyon local where to brunch or lunch, there’s a 9/10 chance they’ll tell you to hit up Les Cafetiers. This popular lunch spot has a range of sandwiches, salads and soups, all with a health conscious approach.

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This little lunch spot is always buzzing and for good reason – it has a great vibe with great French fare to match. This popular little lunch eatery offers a full service lunch as well, making it a great option for something a little more hearty.

The Best Cafes in Lyon France | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

The Petite Factory

Last but least, I stumbled upon this little gem when cycling between cafes on my list, and boy was I glad I came across it! The Petite Factory is great if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want something to take away for the road (you can dine in, but the place is a tiny hole-in-the-wall that lends itself to a takeaway paper bag). The cookies come personally recommended!


Happy travels a la Lyon!

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