Checking In: Royal Mansour Marrakech

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As the sun begins to set on the bustling Medina, the city of Marrakech comes to life – with snake charmers, street vendors, wafts of street food, and endless enchanting sights for the tourist eye to delight in. Yet the most westerly northern African nation has until recently been heralded as one of the world’s best kept secrets, filled with culture and a captivating way of life, filled with tradition and history. Indeed, one of the world’s best-kept secrets (until now) has been encapsulated in one of the world’s most luxurious five star properties – The Royal Mansour.

The palatial walls that guard what is indeed nothing less than a palace are just the beginning of this out-of-body experience, as you embark on your stay as a royal guest inside an architectural masterpiece, and a true display of Moroccan excellence. Stepping outside the complimentary chauffeured vehicle, one will immediately feel as though time has frozen, and the outside world lies a million miles away. But in reality the property lies deep within the heart of Marrakech, just a short stroll from the bustling Medina, and a short drive from the Marrakech airport – connecting you to the rest of the world. Despite these conveniences, it is indeed the escape from reality that guests of The Royal Mansour come to appreciate, all the while enjoying their very own private three-story riad, complete with separate service access and private rooftop pool.

royal mansour

The vision of The Royal Mansour came to life in 2006, and although it is hard to believe, it was just 5 arduous years of meticulous work to bring this vision of Moroccan fineness to the world. The property is a labyrinth of endless alleyways leading in different directions, which represent the maze-like medina the city of Marrakech is built around. This private oasis will however take one away from the bustling medina of Marrakech and welcome you to an enchanting paradise – where tradition and authenticity are held onto with a tight grip, yet modernity and serenity are equally in tact. Yet the walls of the Royal Mansour are built high not to keep visitors out, but to keep the magic in. Palm trees sway gently in the wind, thick greenery with playful flora and fauna catch the eye, and trickling water effortlessly provides a soundtrack to the already surreal experience.

Complete care and precision has been taken to create the traditional Moroccan riads that welcome guests like royalty, with a private butler service and seemingly endless space to enjoy split across three levels. There are a total of 53 riads, ranging from one to four bedrooms, and each have a unique flare being individually decorated. Beautiful fabrics in blood orange and ruby red are teamed with dark wooden furnishings, typically hand-carved to celebrate the Moroccan artisans. Materials have been sourced from across the globe – enlisting only the finest furnishings to create this cultural masterpiece.

The Royal Mansour must be seen to be believed, and it is highly recommended to book a minimum three-night stay to fully immerse oneself into all the resort has to offer. Guests to the Royal Mansour enter the property ready to embark on an endless journey of discovery, so be sure to prepare yourself to never leave, until the end of your stay of course.

Royal Mansour Marrakech

PRICE: Riads from $1600

(note: Special thanks to The Royal Mansour for hosting my visit – my opinions is, as always, my own).

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    It is a beautiful place.
    I want to try and visit for once.