Phantom of the Opera on Broadway Review

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Norm Lewis & Kaley Ann Voorhees - The Music of the Night

 The longest running show on Broadway still lives up to its’ name and hype.

When you book tickets to a show like Phantom, the longest running show on Broadway, you know to expect good things. Scratch that – you know to expect great things.

Many years later, Phantom continues to live up to the hype and please audiences night after night with a highly polished and dedicated show to the legend that is the Phantom of the Opera.

I won’t delve too far into the storyline because many of you will be familiar and for those who aren’t, I won’t spoil the plot for you here.

Furthermore, there isn’t anything I can say here about Phantom that hasn’t been said before. This Broadway show welcomes continual praise, so it will likely be of little surprise to you that I commend the performers for a stellar show that was no less than flawless.

So what can I offer that hasn’t been said before?

Mary Michael Patterson & Norm Lewis - Boat

Trust. Booking a ticket to Phantom is a trusting two-way relationship… you know it’s going to be good, and the show knows you are going to enjoy it. But what you probably didn’t think about is how this came about. After all, it doesn’t take years and years of nightly performances with packed audiences to get here by luck. No. Phantom performers have for years been dedicated to wowing audiences with a stunning show.

So you can trust you’ll get a good show by booking tickets to Phantom. What else? You should also consider a small investment to purchasing Orchestra tickets, as I found the show to be quite more enjoyable the closer you are to the performers – some of the best in the business.

Finally, put a show like Phantom on a night to remember and make an evening out of it. The show is quite long but you’ll be sure to stay engaged throughout the performance. Play it safe and book tickets for the second or third night in NYC to prevent jetlag impacting your show experience.

Want more? WOW has visited and reviewed may more Broadway shows, stay tuned for more features on our top picks!

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World of Wanderlust reviewed the show as a guest of the Broadway Collection, however my opinion is as always, my own. All Photos: Matthew Murphy.

Norm Lewis - Solo  The Music of the Night

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  • rosaleeadams@gmail.com'
    August 12, 2014 at 7:55 am

    I have seen four productions of Phantom, one in Canada and loved every one of them.
    One thing I will never forget is sitting in front row of the balcony as the chandelier dropped down from the ceiling as the opening music began………….
    Phantom is the only play that has outnumbered Evita………….

  • tiffany@leftbanked.com'
    August 1, 2014 at 3:17 am

    I saw this a couple years ago when I visited New York at New Year’s..such a great experience and one of the most memorable parts of my trip!

  • olganikolskaya@live.co.uk'
    July 31, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Phantom of the Opera is by far my favourite musical! I have seen it in London four times, and it never gets old or boring! I wonder how the Broadway version compares…