Checking In: Palazzo Versace – The People’s Palace

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Step inside the walls of the world’s first fashion branded hotel, the Palazzo Versace, and you will undoubtedly be asking yourself whether you have journeyed to an Italian royal palace under the beaming Tuscan sun.

As with any world first, the creation of the Palazzo Versace was welcomed with delight and high expectations in the luxury accommodation market. It has indeed (and without doubt) exceeded such expectations gracefully, all the while bringing a new meaning to Five Star Luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast of Australia.

As you approach the beaming roman columns lining the entrance be sure to appreciate the driveway mosaic – as no less than five Italian master tilers traveled from various regions of the Italian countryside to create the mosaic, which boasts the title of being the world’s second largest mosaic – second only to Parliament House in Rome.

Perhaps the most stunning display of Versace’s impressive taste is the 750kg Chandelier in the centre of the foyer, but don’t be too quick to overlook the marble floors your feet are planted on, all of which cost more than $11.5 million to make and has also been imported from Italy, as well as Brazil. The hallways are lined with an endless display of the timelessness the Versace brand possesses – as you walk through a time warp of Versace fashion history.

With 200 luxury hotel rooms and suits, as well as 75 condominiums, the Palazzo Versace is a direct reflection of the opulence and elegance the Versace brand has possessed since the 1980’s.

Now let’s take a look beyond the world class photography and uncover the attention to detail to understand…

the Palazzo Versace experience

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Australia

Boasting all the luxuries you’d expect from a five star hotel – king size bed, huge spa bath, separate shower, spacious rooms – the Palazzo Versace has made a purposeful venture to distinguish itself as a cut above the rest. Everything from the linen to the curtain drapes to the frosted glass on the shower doors is imprinted with the signature Versace logo, and all is crafted from the finest materials.

Forget the traditional assumption of snooty staff commonly found in luxury accommodations. The Palazzo has a committed team of staff exceeding traditional standards of five star service, ensuring one can guarantee an unforgettable stay inside this unique space.

 “…the Versace team have ensured one will feel a sense of belonging to the international luxury brand from the moment you step inside the beaming foyer to check-in.

In case you forget where you are, the signature Versace logo is hard to miss – from the imprinted logo on the crystal in the in-room private bar to the Versace china for your tea – the Versace team have ensured one will feel a sense of belonging to the international luxury brand from the moment you step inside the beaming foyer to check-in.

Upon request a private butler will assist with your unpacking and packing, or perhaps you need assistance to choose the best suitable pillow from the pillow menu – which offers five different pillow types – all to ensure a sound night of rest.

With three restaurants and a bar; a full day spa menu; a fitness centre; beauty services and a hair dresser; a Versace boutique; a private 90-berth marina (the only one of its kind in Australia); private cabana hire; and special events held on occasion, there is positively no reason one should not experience Australia’s premiere luxury accommodation destination at least once in their lifetime.

Il Barocco

palazzo versace lobby

Imperial Suite Photography courtesy of the Palazzo Versace

Palazzo Versace Hotel
Sea World Drive,
Main Beach Qld

Phone: 1800 098 000 (toll-free within Australia) or +61 7 5509 8000

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