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Well, hello there! I’m Brooke Saward. I created World of Wanderlust back in 2012 as a way to share my travel experiences with family and friends so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself…. my, how far we’ve come! I have always loved to travel but never thought I would be able to make it my job. It was a pipe dream I long had, however here I am 4 years later blogging for a living. Dreams do come true!

As a new reader, I’m sure you’re looking to find out a bit about my story, see a few snaps from my favourite places and hopefully be inspired to keep perusing the pages of World of Wanderlust! So sit back, grab a coffee and croissant and let’s do this!

brooke saward

This was the photo that I suppose you could say ‘started it all’. Before this shot was taken I was already blogging from my bedroom about adventures from previous years, but had never really learned how to make blogging my full time job. I was travelling around Europe thinking about how much I’d like to stay there forever (ideally in a little wood cabin by a lake) and got to thinking that one way or another, I had to make it happen. Travelling was (and still is) the one thing that has always challenged me in the best kind of way, so I knew I had to make it happen somehow!

Since those days, my blog + business has grown quicker and larger than I could have ever imagined. I’ve received a few awards and nominations over the years, but my biggest achievement has been writing a published book (which you will soon hear more about I promise!!!) and seeing my family be so proud of all that has come from my blog.

My blog is currently read by 5 million unique visitors each year, making World of Wanderlust one of the most read blogs in the world and with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the most subscribed travel blog in the world! Crazy!

But none of this measures up to the comments where someone says you “inspired” them… to travel, to quit a job or relationship they weren’t happy in, to try something new, to learn a new skill… THOSE are the best parts about blogging!

Some highlights:


Some of my readers came to say hello in New York! BIG LOVE!

The girls! #WOWTEAM

The girls… aka the #WOWTEAM !! On our first group trip in Portugal!

Brooke Saward

My first EVER chopper ride — so fun!

skydive brooke

My first ever bungee jump…. literally one of the most freeing experiences of my life!

Skydiving Vegas

Giving my skydiving instructor a high 5! Also lots of fun. Like, a lot. Really. Try it!

GoPro Brooke

My first time learning to ski (at 23 years old!!!)

disneyland Brooke

…never taking it all too seriously (hah)!


Taking my mum on a trip around Europe – her first ever time! We visited Stockholm and Prague.


Taking my dad on a trip to Los Angeles and Hawaii… I still remember when he nearly fell off his chair once told his coffee at Hotel Bel Air was “$15″… if only I could freeze frame his face in that moment!

Will & Brooke

…and meeting my other (better) half, right back at home! He has come on the occasional trip but mostly stays behind while I’m off adventuring as he works at home on the farm. Talk about an understanding boyfriend!

Much love, B. xo