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mandarin oriental geneva

It would be my first major Easter away from home in arguably the most renowned country for specialising in the world’s best chocolates… what more could I ask for!?

I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, in the early evening on Good Friday, ready to celebrate my first major holiday in a foreign country on my own.

As it turns out, the Mandarin Oriental Geneva would treat me not as a guest in their hotel, but a guest in my own home, so it was an Easter to remember.


Situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland is the second most populous city of the entire country – Geneva. Geneva is renowned for being an international political hub, as it is home to the second largest UN headquarters, as well as many multinational corporations. While most visitors to Geneva are here for business trips during the weekdays, this also meant that I would have the city almost entirely to myself on the Easter weekend when I arrived. I would be staying at one of the cities most celebrated hotels – the Mandarin Oriental Geneva.


If I can give you any sort of indication as to how high a standard the Mandarin Oriental hotels pride themselves on, it would be to liken MO properties as the Ferrarri’s of hotels. They’re in a league of their own.

As I approached the hotel from the street walking from the train station, the bellboy immediately began to make his way toward me to assist with my bags, so as to not allow me to walk a single step further with the burden of my 30kg luggage. I was then greeted by name by a second bellboy who gestured me toward the reception for check-in, all the while showing interest in my journey here and day so far. Touche, I thought. These guys are good.

I was warmly welcomed by the hotel receptionist who promptly advised me that I could complete check-in in my room, so there was no need to stand idly by in the lobby. She escorted me to the lifts and up to the 5th floor where I walked into my large room overlooking the lake and felt a grin spread across my face. I knew immediately this was going to be a special stay.

Whilst I was signing for the room my luggage arrived and both the receptionist and bellboy co-ordinated their well wishes and goodbye as I was left to enjoy the room in peace. There was a generous serving of welcome chocolates awaiting me on the table, as well as fresh pears (that were replenished daily). I headed straight over to the Nespresso machine to fix myself an espresso and relax on the large sofa at the foot of my bed.

Unfortunately the Mandarin Oriental Geneva is the first MO property I have visited without a spa or pool, but this also made me more productive as I wasn’t tempted with lavish leisure facilities. Given that Switzerland is quite expensive, I also opted not to dine at the hotel restaurant and instead chose to order in-room dining both nights of my stay, as the first night was so good! Within 20 minutes of ordering each meal I was greeted by room service at my door who set up the table for one inside my room – which also came with a complimentary serving of Swiss cheese and breads.

Another nice touch during my Easter visit was to be welcomed home on Easter Sunday by a small decorative Easter plate of chocolates and pistachio. This is one of my favourite aspects of MO hotels – they never overlook the details and are always eager to please their guests by going above and beyond expectations.

Lastly, a hotel review of the Mandarin Oriental Geneva would be incomplete without mentioning the lavish buffet breakfast. I was tempted by the many sweet treats and cakes, but I ultimately opted for a healthy yoghurt and granola with fresh honey and fruits.

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It should go without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this Mandarin Oriental property. I’m sure it’s also obvious a have a soft spot for MO Hotels, as they are easily one of my top choices for luxury accommodation throughout Europe and the world. If you book any MO Hotel, you can’t go wrong. I’d be absolutely shocked to hear from anyone who didn’t enjoy their stay at an MO Hotel. The Geneva property is however lacking in leisure facilities, one of the staple signatures of MO Hotels. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future but if you’re not visiting Geneva to relax and unwind, this hotel is definitely for you.

Rooms Rates start from $550 per room per night.

World of Wanderlust was a guest to the Mandarin Oriental Geneva, however my opinion is as always, my own.

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