Checking In: QT Sydney

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QT Sydney

I didn’t even have to step foot in the property before knowing this would be a hotel worth raving about to readers.

Prior to my arrival at QT Sydney, one of the cities’ most celebrated luxury boutique hotels, I could find nothing but praise from previous guests and reviewers that was in all honesty just a few compliments short of worship. In a city that exudes style and excellence (on all fronts), it can be difficult for luxury properties to outshine one another in such an over-saturated market.

The QT has done just that. And it’s shining so damn bright that you can’t see any of its so called competitors.

QT Sydney

The check-in process was anything but ordinary, beginning with being greeted on Market Street by an energetic 20-something in a bright red bob cut wig. She gladly directed me into the lift destined for the first floor, and wished me a pleasant stay. As I exited the lift on the first floor I was greeted by what can only be described in retrospect as a scene from Beetle Juice-meets-sexy French underground club. This merely set the pace for the entire stay, as I was soon to learn there was nothing ordinary about this hotel.

My early afternoon Saturday arrival was undoubtedly the best time to experience the hotel in all its glory, as the excitement of a Saturday evening approaching was buzzing throughout the hotel lobby. This is certainly a hotel geared toward the younger (or young at heart) crowd, with the who’s who of Sydney’s fashionable elite parading through hotel public areas at any given point in time. In fact, the QT has thrown off such a vibe that I could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking I was in the concrete jungle itself, New York City.

QT sydney

“Quirky” doesn’t cut it…

I’ve tried to find an adjective to describe the QT Sydney – but even “quirky” doesn’t cut it.

This boutique property is so unique that you could spend your entire stay discovering new art, bits and bobs, hidden quirks, and varying personalities at every turn. In fact the staff have as much personality as the design hotel itself, and with these two combined you simply cannot not enjoy your time here. While it celebrates a bygone era, it is also paradoxically futuristic. The uncomfortable feeling of not being able to ‘put your finger on it’ is indeed what keeps Sydneysiders and out-of-towners coming back to the property. Without knowing as to why, I am almost hypnotised by the allure this design property has over its guests – and it leads me to conclude that the QT is truly one of a kind. Even now a few days after my stay here, I’m smiling at just the thought of it.

QT Sydney

My spa suite felt like a private oasis at the end of the corridor, quietly tucked away to welcome me home after each outing to the nearby shops, bars, or restaurants. The room interior was just as quirky as the hotel’s public areas, with hatted lampshades (see pictures to truly appreciate), an emergency bow tie for sale as a mini bar item, and complimentary movies and nespresso machine. Bliss!

Rooms from $290 per night

QT Sydney

World of Wanderlust was a guest of the QT Sydney, however my opinion is as always, my own.

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    December 13, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    Nice accommodation provided by the hotels. anyone on route to sydney must stay there.just add to the grandeur of syndey.
    schultzy @

    January 14, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Sydney looks amazing! I cannot wait to make my way over there… Unfortunately, my husband has already been, so for now it’s not at the top of the list.

    XOXO, Oksana

    January 14, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    I love the key for the room! And the lamp shades.. Oh so cool.