Checking In: The Hotel Bel-Air

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hotel bel air

Large, Lavish Bathrooms are one of guests’ favourite features

  Having completed a $100 million renovation just twelve months ago, the Hotel Bel-Air retains its’ reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive hotels, despite its’ modest allure.  The renovation ensured the hotel would retain its’ classical and timeless appeal, whilst increasing suite sizes and thinking to the future in terms of technology.

As guests arrive to the Hotel Bel-Air they are greeted by concierge and directed to journey across the whimsical bridge over a dimly lit pond that is best experience in the early evening, under a blanket of night sky. Once inside, a large fireplace comfortably accompanies the warm neutral tones of the reception area, complete with ample seating that is almost never in use.

This exclusive property is a member of the Dorchester Collection, which boasts some of the most elite properties in the most desirable cities around the world. Situated amidst some of the most exclusive real-estate in the country, the Hotel Bel-Air is more than a private oasis away from the city, it is a world away from reality in a setting that will have guests complaining only once they must leave.

By day, the property is characterised by a colourful selection of flora and fauna, as well as leafy greenery and a welcoming outdoor pool with ample lounge chairs and full poolside service. As you stroll the property it will soon become apparent just how large the team of staff is here at the property, with numerous encounters almost a certainty after taking just a short stroll from one room to another. This high guest-to-staff ratio ensures guests are catered to almost immediately, with all requests being met within minutes.

While the Hotel Bel-Air has strictly stayed true to its’ timeless and classic style, all the modern technologies are present in the rooms, as well as some more innovative ideas which I have yet to uncover in other luxury properties around the globe. Take for instance the in-room dining ordering service, of which takes place on an in-room iPad in an experience that is not dissimilar to online shopping. Within minutes you can choose from a variety of menus and dishes, and place your order for your desired time.

Hotel bel air 1

A warm welcome from the Hotel Bel-Air Staff

Lavish bath amenities and plush bath robes will make it difficult to want to leave your room, though if you take advantage of the opportunity to experience Wolfgang Puck just a stones throw away from your suite, you can hardly regret making the effort to part from your abode.

With a timeless approach to luxury that excels beyond expectations, splurging on a stay at the Hotel Bel-Air is an experience reserved for traveller’s seeking to indulge in an unforgettable experience from the moment you arrive, until the moment you must regrettably leave. Be sure to try this experience at least once in your lifetime, as the Hotel Bel-Air brings an all new meaning to luxury that simply cannot be found elsewhere in Los Angeles, and is hard to come by the world over.

With previous guests including Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Great Garbo, and many notables from the present incluing Prince Charles and Oprah Winfrey, you can rest assured a night at the Hotel Bel-Air is the crème de la crème of luxe accommodation in the Northern hemisphere.

hotel bel air 2

World of Wanderlust inside a suite at the Hotel Bel-Air

Rates: Guestrooms from $530; Junior Suites from $830

Hotel Bel-Air
701 Stone Canyon Road Los Angeles,
CA 90077 United States

(note: Special thanks to The Hotel Bel-Air for hosting my visit – my opinions is, as always, my own).

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    Rachel of Hippie in Heels
    November 25, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    yeah, i could spend a few days ordering room service from there 😉