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    Canadian Maple Pecan Crumble Bars

    These Canadian Maple Pecan Crumble Bars are inspired by our friends over in Canada! There’s something about the combination of maple syrup and pecans together that just hits the spot. This…


    7-Layer Mexican Bean Dip

    This 7-Layer Mexican Bean Dip is to die for! Perfect for a Mexican-themed picnic with friends (think tacos, guac, bean dip and more gauc). This bean dip is a little healthier, making it…


    Greek Quinoa Salad

    This salad is the perfect Greek-inspired dish! The mixture of fresh crunchy veggies, crumbled feta and Greek dressing mixed with quinoa is a great option for a protein-packed lunch. Try this…


    My Fave Acai Bowl Recipe

    You’ve seen the instagrams, you’ve heard the hype… Acai bowls are a purple bowl of what can only be described as a heavenly taste sensation. But what’s more, they’re so good…