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A Guide to Visiting the Kremlin, Moscow

  • WOW Contributor
  • Aug 22, 2016

With its cultural and historical significance, it is little wonder the Kremlin is one of the most visited sights in Moscow. This UNESCO World Heritage sight has long been the centre-point for Russia’s most defining historical and political events, making it a must-visit stop for those interested in Russia’s long history and future.  Visiting the architectural complex…

First time in Moscow? 10 Places you cannot miss when visiting Moscow for the first time

  • WOW Contributor
  • Jul 23, 2016

Red Square and St Basil’s cathedral are just a couple of the sights which attract first time to Moscow visitors every year. Nothing beats seeing them with your own eyes. This list covers 10 of the things that you simply cannot miss when visiting for the first time. Here is your essential guide to Moscow! Red Square…

Moscow Bucket List!

Moscow is a city that has completely intrigued me for years. The architecture is so unique and intricate, yet the city is so large and overwhelming that it exists quite cleverly as a paradox. With so much to see and do in Moscow, a visit should be no less than three or four days, though if you had…