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Visiting the Algarve: Portugal’s Most Loved Holiday Destination


If you’ve never been lucky enough to visit the Algarve on Portugal’s southern coast, chances are that you’ve at least seen photos of its breathtaking landscape. With its golden beaches, dramatic cliffs and consistent sunshine, the Algarve made the perfect destination for the second part of the inaugural WOW Team trip to Portugal a few…

The ultimate recipe for Pastel de Nata (portuguese tarts)


Popular the world over, and affectionately known as an iconic staple sweet of Portugal, here is the ultimate recipe for Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Tarts). Pastel de nata are a egg tart pastry. One part crispy, one part gooey and ten parts delicious, this recipe (in our humble, well-taste-tested opinion) rivals the original and best Pastéis…

A Quick Guide to Lisbon

Pastel, pretty and (literally) tiled in rustic, worn charm, this hilly and enchanting city perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean has it all. Built on seven hills, Lisbon – the capital and largest city of Portugal – stretches along the river Tejo. Downtown, you’ll find narrow and winding storybook alleyways, impressive Gothic cathedrals…