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    DIY: Coffee Body Scrub (Goodbye Cellulite!)

    Try this at home: a DIY Coffee Body Scrub to blast cellulite! If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time now, you’ll know IΒ loveΒ trying new food around the…

  • DIY

    DIY: Travel SOS Pack

    If you’re about to jump on a long haul flight and want toΒ actually enjoy your time on board, I’ve learned there are a few items you simply cannot travel without! Packing…

  • DIY

    DIY: Travel Scrapbook

    It has been around 8 years since I bought my last token snow globe souvenir. After realising my bedroom hadΒ a stark resemblance to the tv show “hoarders”, I realised my days…


    DIY: Travel Photo Wall

    It has been a couple of months in the making but I have finally moved in to my new office – the official headquarters for World of Wanderlust and my ultimate…