Is this the best hotel spa in Hong Kong? Chuan Spa Review

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Any avid spa-goer will know the Chuan Spas are amongst some of the best day spas in the world – but until now, this was only what I had heard. Whilst in Hong Kong I made sure to find time to drop into the Chuan Spa and experience it for myself to conclude whether or not this is the best hotel spa in Hong Kong. Well?

Chuan Spa Bath Salts & Soup Chuan Spa Relaxation Room

I made a booking to visit the Chuan Spa on my first full day in Hong Kong. After 24 hours of flying from South Africa through Dubai, I was impossibly tired and finding it hard to function let alone resemble a human being! With my puffy eyes and make-up free face, I stepped inside the Langham Place Hotel Mongkok to be escorted the many floors high to the Chuan Spa.

Once inside, the reception staff were prompt to make me feel at home – offering a seat, Chinese tea, a warm towel, and my sign-in form. Shortly thereafter one of the staff explained to me how the Chuan Spa prides itself on going to the core of each guests’ needs by an oil test between the 5 Chinese elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Spa-goers are asked to smell each oil and choose their preference – which will ultimately determine their spa experience. Being in the frazzled jet lagged state that I was, it was no surprise to my therapist that I chose the earth element.

From there I was escorted through the spa and shown the fitness area and large swimming pool, as I would have access to each of these as a guest to the Chuan Spa. It was then a little further onwards to the changing area to prepare myself for my treatment. If I had one criticism of the Chuan Spa, it would be the unusually small and difficult to tie bathrobes that seemed to be of Eastern proportions rather than suited to Western women (can’t help those curves!).

My therapist was a delightful, timid young Chinese lady who made me feel like a V.I.P. for my treatment – everything was explained in detail and she would check routinely that her pressure was fine, as well as an initial check of the room temperature, music, and lighting. I experienced the signature Jade Facial which focuses on traditional elements of Chinese spa treatments whilst incorporating a little of the West along the way.

It is difficult to fault the Chuan Spa, though as one of the world’s leading luxury hotel spas, it comes at no surprise. Peruse the Price List to choose your treatment and be sure to book in advance – this is one of Hong Kong’s most popular day spas.


World of Wanderlust was welcomed as a guest to the Chuan Spa at Langham Place Hotel, however my opinion is as always, my own.

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    July 28, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    sounds sooooo lovely and the room looks as if it is from another world… sigh