WOW STORIES: The Globemaker

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Bellerby & Co

The fine art of artisan globemaking is one of the most fascinating artforms that has until recently been seldom explored. Within just 5 years, Peter Bellerby has established a successful business around the art of producing bespoke handmade globes, of which sell for up to £59,000 a piece.

But for those of us without thousands of pounds (the most expensive globe nearly reaches $100,000 USD), there’s good news – Bellerby & Co globes start at a modest £999, meaning they are still certainly an investment piece – but upon closer look at these masterpieces, it is an investment many of Peter’s customers are willing to make.

Purchasing a globe is in some ways a right of passage, an appreciation for the world around us, and a genuine interest in geography and world awareness.

Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Mr Bellerby explains,

“A globe is a publication, just like a book… we publish them in any given year…”Peter Bellerby, Owner

But as with any book that publishes a new edition annually, Bellerby & Co globes are meticulously crafted with due diligence and care, with one person in mind – the customer. Many of his creations are commissioned for a highend clientele, with no request being left out of the question… and believe me when I say there have been some elaborate requests.

But how does one come into the fine art of globemaking and moreover, what does it entail?

Mr Bellerby’s explanation for his humble beginnings is inspiring and intuitive. When he decided to embark on a mission to create a globe for his father’s 80th birthday some five years ago, he was feeling optimistic to say the least. Obviously being a very delicate and intricate art form, to say Mr Bellerby underestimated the time and expense of a handmade globe would be a severe understatement. When he embarked on his quest to create a globe for his father, he estimated it would cost around three to four thousand pounds, which is roughly $5,000-6,000 US dollars. In fact, it was an £80,000 endeavour – and Mr Bellerby made his first globe back in 2010. Since then, business has skyrocketed.

Bellerby & Co

But with no training available in the art form, everything Peter has learned and subsequently taught his trainees has been a process of trial and error. Patience and perfectionism would soon become two of Peter’s most prevalent characteristics, which are commendable in a society where everything is expected almost instantaneously. Mr Bellerby said he was forced to retrain his body to work much more slowly and in a processed manner in order to avoid mistakes. Peter’s handmade globes take anywhere between three weeks to six months to make, with procedures such as drying making the craft a timely process.

As for Mr Bellerby’s travel preferences, he informs me his favourite countries include India, Thailand and he will soon visit Burma, however he also has a great appreciation for the history and culture of Europe, with his favourite country to visit being Italy.

To contact Mr. Bellerby at his Stoke Newington studio for a quote, please contact: 020 8800 7235


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