Checking In: A countryside escape in Scotland at Cameron House

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After four days in the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, I ventured outside of the city just 30 minutes by taxi to nearby Loch Lomond – one of Scotland’s most picturesque lakes – to check in to Cameron House, one of the high end accommodation offerings in Glasgow (or just outside of it to be accurate). While the cities of Scotland are fantastic (particularly Glasgow & Edinburgh), a countryside escape in Scotland is a quintessential part of the Scottish experience, as it is here where you will be able to unwind, relax, and take it all in.


Checking in to Cameron House

I arrived quite early to Cameron House, perhaps a little too excited for my short stay here and eager to make the most of it. While I only had time for an overnight stay, I would recommend at least two nights to fully enjoy the property, its facilities, and the surrounding activities on Loch Lomond.

Despite my early arrival, the reception staff made every effort to get a room ready early and before I had finished the sign in process, I was in luck! I made my way down to room 35 – one of the lake facing rooms that was spacious and followed the same dark and mysterious interior design concept as the rest of the property.

Loch Lomond

A Countryside Escape in Scotland

Cameron House is one of very few accommodations situated right on Loch Lomond – one of the most stunning lochs (lakes) in Scotland. The location alone is reason enough to visit here and should you not have the budget to stay at Cameron House, do consider coming out for a day trip from Glasgow as there is plenty to see and do!

The grounds around the hotel are surrounded by golf courses, as this is what both the hotel and the loch more generally are known for. Just up the road is “Loch Lomond” golf course, which is considered to have some of the most elite clientele in the world! I did hear a few name drops throughout my stay and lets just say you will be rubbing shoulders with some very well known celebrities from around the world!

Inside the hotel there are four restaurants, so there really is no need to venture elsewhere once you’ve checked yourself in to Cameron House. The Martin Wishart is the fine dining experience (Michelin approved), the Grill is perhaps the next best offering, or there is a casual dining experience on offer at the Boat House and the Claret Jug for pub food. I chose to dine at the Boat House and quite enjoyed the offering!

One of the most popular ways to pass time on property is to visit the Carrick Spa, just a short drive up the road (concierge are more than happy to take you there half hourly). Here you will find a large swimming pool, rooftop infinity pool, sauna, steam, and hammam! There are also treatments available should you require a little more pampering.


What else is there to do at Loch Lomond?

Checking in to the Cameron House was a great way to end my Scottish stay, but what I loved even more about this little city escape was how busy I could keep myself. In the early afternoon I departed on a loch cruise – complete with champagne mind you! There are also jet skis, fishing trips, seaplane tours (e.g. head to the Isle of Skye in some 30 minutes) and of course golf galore for the golf enthusiasts. It was the perfect way to experience quintessential Scotland, if even only for a night! I dare say I’ll be back!


World of Wanderlust visited Cameron House as a guest of People Make Glasgow, however my opinions are always my own and this was too incredible not to share!

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    why are they countryside inns are the cosiest. Love their decor too! hope you had a great time!

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    This place looks stunning! Scotland is one of the most magical places – straight out of Harry Potter. Can’t wait to go back. Hope you had a fantastic time!


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    This place is oozing Scotch charm! Love it. Wish I could stay

    Claire @ TallGirlBigWorld
    October 21, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    I absolutely cannot wait to visit Scotland! I was grinning ear to ear as I read this 🙂 The Scottish countryside sounds so beautiful and relaxing, and I’d love the chance to stay at the Cameron House some day.

    October 21, 2015 at 12:41 am

    Love being by a Loch in Scotland – so, so peaceful. I grew up right on the river banks of River Tay, and now-a-days I go camping up in Perthshire all the time, the lochs there are incredible too!

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    Cameron House looks like the perfect getaway spot in the Scottish countryside!!

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    This place looks dreamy!! Ah, we just love Scotland. Those countryside inns are the cosiest. Love their decor too! hope you had a great time!