6 of Berlin’s Best Smoothie Bars

  • WOW Contributor
  • Aug 23, 2015
Berlin's best smoothie bars, Dean and Dan
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While Berlin might not yet have been hit with the smoothie and juice craze that has taken over in places like New York, Melbourne and London, there’s a change in the air. These healthy blends are being appreciated by more and more Berliners as time goes by and we’re seeing an increasing number of healthy smoothie bars pop up around the city. Of course, lots of cafes serve fresh juices, but if you’re looking for a place that specialises in them, there’s still not too many around. Luckily, this guide will help you find the best of them!

Berlin's best smoothies, Liquid Garden

Liquid Garden

If you haven’t been eating your greens, a visit to Liquid Garden should be on the cards. This little place in leafy Prenzlauer Berg specialises in one thing: green smoothies. They know their stuff too. The menu is seasonal and it changes regularly. Everything on the menu contains at least 50% greens and all ingredients are organic. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly, with bio-degradable plastic used in the takeaway cups. Try the Purifier green smoothie, which has an incredible 12 ingredients!

Location: Stargarder Straße 72, 10437

Berlin's best smoothie bars, The Juicery

The Juicery

You’ll find a wide selection of organic and superfood juices and smoothies at The Juicery in Prenzlauer Berg. If you’re heading to Mauerpark on a Sunday afternoon, a visit to The Juicery, located across the street, is a must for an afternoon pick-me-up, especially if you’ve had a big night the night before! I always order either a green smoothie or the blueberry and kale mix.

Location: Eberswalder Straße 2, 10437

  Berlin's best smoothie bars, Dean and Dan

Dan and Dean

This brand-new superfood deli has just opened up at Rosenthaler Platz and is all about organic, vegan, raw food. They sell a selection of healthy salads, snacks and vegan baked treats, but their specialty is their smoothies and juice. My favourite is the red berry acai bowl, which is packed full of nourishment.

Location: Weinbergsweg 23, 10119


Berlin's best smoothie bars, Daluma


This health food café at Rosenthaler Platz is hugely popular and has attracted a loyal following since opening last October. You can have a meal here as well as a juice, which makes it a great option for a nutrient-packed lunch to refuel after a busy morning seeing the sights. All the juice and smoothies are always made fresh to order, which can sometimes mean a bit of a wait during busy times. I love that the nutritional information is included with every juice, so you know exactly just how kind you’re being to your body. Whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather, I order a Dr Feel Good smoothie, full of antioxidants, for an instant pick-me-up.

Location: Weinbersweg 3, 10119


Berlin's best smoothies, Funk You



Funk You

Originally born as a little Friedrichshain café, Funk You has graduated to a more hipster locale and you’ll now find it inside the mall of the trendy Bikini Berlin. The focus here is all about organic, healthy, gluten-free ingredients. The menu includes a delicious range of salads, sandwiches and wraps as well as a huge range of juices. The Yoda juice, which is made from apple, cucumber, pineapple and mint is a hit in summer.

Location: Budapester Straße 46, 10787


Berlin's best smoothie bars, Goodies




Goodies is not only a juice bar, but a healthy vegetarian and vegan deli that is a favourite lunch spot for the health-conscious. There are a couple of them dotted around Berlin in Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Steglitz. Their fresh juices and smoothies are all vegan and sugar-free.

Location: Warschauer Straße 69, 1243 (original store)

Where is your favourite spot to get a smoothie in Berlin? 

WOW Contributor

Story by World of Wanderlust contributor Rachel.



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    March 21, 2016

    I’m going to Berlin soon, and I’m getting a lot of inspiration from your Berlin posts! I love the way you write and your pictures are amazing!

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    Lombok Wander

    August 31, 2015

    Beautiful juice !
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    These look delish and will definitely have to stop by in October, especially Liquid Garden and Dan and Dean. Yum!

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    all of them look so nice! yum xxx

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    Joy Della Vita (Lisa)

    August 24, 2015

    This acai bowl looks delicious!

    I know it’s Monday but … you’re awesome! | Lisa |

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    August 24, 2015

    These all look delicious! Will try some of them out next time we visit Berlin in a couple of months!

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    August 24, 2015

    Dan and Dean looks amazing! Will definitely be bookmarking this for Berlin next year.

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    Those smoothies look amazing! Didn’t know there was so much choice!!

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